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Pannonhalma and Győr

PannonhalmaPannonhalma is a small but famous village in the Northwest of Hungary. Here is situated a Benedictine monastery, which celebrated its 1000 years anniversary in the year 1996. The monastery was founded by Hungary's first king and is one of the most important monuments of our history. Its library has an extended collection of codices and letters written in the 11th century.


The complex consists of the monastery, the cathedral, the library, a high school, a theological college and the Adalbert infirmary for elderly monks. The program includes visit of the cathedral, the picture gallery and the library. The building complex belongs to the World Heritage.



Győr is a Baroque town at 100 km from Budapest, by the river Rába. As Győr is an Episcopal centre yet today, in the baroque downtown there are various nice buildings like the Bishop's Palace, the Cathedral and several churches. In the downtown you can walk along the river bank and have a coffee or a cake in a charming café or a restaurant. Its ballet company the "Győri Balett" is well-known among the modern ballet fans, even abroad.

Tata is a small town situated between Győr and Budapest. It is called "the town of waters", because it has two lakes and more than one hundred natural springs. Next to the "Old Lake" there is a Neogothic castle from the 14th century.

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